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Embracing the Mark of the Craft: A Leather Artisan’s Tale

Leatherworking is more than a craft—it's a journey of discovery, creativity, and sometimes, dirty hands. As a dedicated leather artisan, my hands are my most valuable tools. They trace patterns, manipulate tools, and apply finishes. In this process, they often get stained, just like they did today while working on a set of coasters for the upcoming Monroe Apple Festival on September 9th, 2023. But rather than view these stains as a nuisance, I consider them a badge of honor—a tangible testament to the passion and effort I pour into every piece I create.

Take a look at this image. These are my hands, marked by the leather dye. The stains, while temporary on the skin, represent the permanent transformation of a plain leather sheet into a unique, handcrafted item—a coaster, a handbag, or perhaps a bespoke accessory. Each stain tells a story of a specific project, a particular stroke of the brush, or a precise cut of the blade.

Each piece I craft requires careful attention to detail, the understanding of the materials I'm working with, and, most importantly, a connection between my hands and the leather. It's a sensory experience—the smell of the leather, the feel of its texture, and the sight of it transforming under my hands.

Today, as I prepare for the Monroe Apple Festival, my hands bear the marks of the dye used to create a set of coasters. This event provides an opportunity to showcase the fruits of my labor and the beauty that arises from getting my hands dirty.

Craft fairs like the Monroe Apple Festival are essential touchpoints in my journey as a leather artisan. They allow me to connect with fellow craft lovers, engage with the community, and share the fruits of my labor. So, if you're attending, come by my booth—I'd love to show you the coasters and many other creations that have emerged from the journey of stained hands and dyed leather.

In conclusion, as an artisan, my stained hands represent the dedication, passion, and effort that goes into every creation at Legacy Leather Co. They're a symbol of the pride I take in crafting unique, bespoke items—leaving a lasting legacy, one stain at a time.

After all, in the world of leatherworking, it's the dirty hands that craft the most beautiful legacies.

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